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Staffing Science is a boutique IT staffing firm that specializes in direct-hire opportunities

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Looking for talent? When we say “leave the chemistry to us!” we mean it, because we don’t just match technically and place people but rather find the best cultural fits to really build your company and culture! 

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Looking to find work? From Engineers to CTO’s and from startups to fortune 500, we have you covered! Let us find the formula to take your career to the next level! 

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About Staffing Science

Staffing Science is a team of passionate staffing experts equipped with high-powered hiring tools and a vast network of candidates and clientele. When businesses need talent and job seekers are searching for the perfect opportunity, they leave the chemistry to us! 

Staffing Science also prides itself in being a purpose-driven organization, giving a percentage of profits back to non-profits. 

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From Engineers to CTO’s and from startups to fortune 500, we have a mix of clients and opportunities to take your career to the next level! 

Leave the chemistry to us!

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John is amazing at his job! He knows how to find “top talent”, he is great with the clients, and does whatever it takes to help accomplish your staffing goals. 
His collaboration is very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success.
John is a great professional, and I’ll be using his expertise for years to come.

Dave-Cybersecurity LEader

I have worked with John since the early days of Rancher Labs
(2015) and now at Acorn Labs for the main purpose of building out my
engineering team.  There are two reasons that set John apart from the vast majority of recruiters I have worked with throughout the years.  One – it is his unique ability to source and attract high quality engineers to my exact needs (salary, technical skills, culture fit). This might be an obvious attribute of any good recruiter but when you
have a hit-rate of over 90% of the candidates that are brought to my team, that is something special. 
Two – it is John’s natural willingness to do what’s best for the company and the candidate.  Most recruiters try to place candidates that  command the highest salary.  John wants to make sure the candidate and company has the greatest chance of a successful fit.  I wholeheartedly recommend John for any company, early-stage or not, for their hiring needs.

Will- VP of Engineering

John is one of the few recruiters I’ve met that kept my interests as a priority when working to get me a job. He set me up with a ton of interviews and tried to help me prepare for each and every one of them. Following placement, he still reaches out to make sure the job was everything I was looking for. I highly recommend going to John & Staffing Science when looking for a job or looking to hire.

Gary-Principal Software Engineer

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